Man Spends 30 minutes in Shower Thinking of Ways to Save Water
Local man Ernest Bernshaw today spent a glorious, relaxing half hour in the shower coming up with ingenious ways to save water.

As the warm, drinking-quality water washed over his body and down the drain, he watched it and wondered: What if we could do something with this?

Ideas flowed as freely as the water as he considered ways to collect the runoff, pipe the drain into his garden, or use the fall of the water to power hydro-electric generators.

"I wonder how much electricity we could generate if we piped the almost pristine water over some turbines", he thought, while brushing his teeth.

"Whole industries could be transformed" Mr Bernshaw thought around the 20 minute mark. "Houses could be built with these new water saving features. Hell, even entire housing estates. The way things work now are just so wasteful!"